Daniel, Elly, Imogen, Jack, Vanessa and Zach.....such amazing work so far guys. I've been very impressed with the way you have collaborated as a team to develop our website. Some highlights for me so far have been Vanessa's developing her work on the local flora and her interviews; Elly identifying that not everyone in the school community will have internet access and responding by creating, with her team, a newsletter that can be delivered to parents; Imogen's research skills on the Mullum Mullum sections; Jack for trying his hand at project management and attempting to keep you guys on a timetable!! Finally, this weeks highlight was watching Zach and Daniel stretching their IT skills to the max by trying to get some google maps images uploaded - not only did you rely on members of the team to guide you (take a bow Elly!!) but the way you guided each other to the best outcomes was great to see. True team work guys.