Hi everyone and welcome to our project blog page. I want you to use this blog to improve our experience as we work together. The blog has two main purposes. Firstly, use this blog as a place to write your reflections on what we have done so far...exactly like you would in class when you write your self-reflections in your other subjects. Write about how you felt, what you enjoyed, what we could have done better etc. Secondly, this is the place where we can share ideas and thoughts with each other over the next few weeks. If you're at home or in school (during free time only!!) and have something to say about our project (like what we should do next or a web address of a good website where we can get valuable information) then come to the blog and write down your ideas to share with the group.
Lastly, the boring but important rules..... We're here to have fun and work but it's important to stay safe on the internet. Absolutely no photographs of any students or staff are allowed without asking me first. It's also important not to use surnames of anyone (except Mr Carroll!) The last big rule we have is that we show respect to each other at all times.
So, back to the fun and work part....blog away....
Mr Carroll (