So DPL students....all your work can now be shown to the world with this website. You have all worked so hard, together and individually. I'm so proud of the way you all supported each other to create this fabulous site. What's really exciting is that this is the start of the next phase of our work where the rest of your peers work with you to continue to develop this site as the Sanctuary project develops.
Well done everyone.
Mr Carroll

10/11/2013 2:02pm

Thanks Mr Carroll! We couldn't of done it without your guidance! Everyone worked very very hard and now everything has paid off! I hope this website keeps going even further so we can improve it as the sanctuaries condition improves!!! :)

Jacqui Panayi
12/04/2013 9:25pm

I agree with Elly!! Great job guys, I must say how good the website looks and I can't wait to see how the sanctuary and the website improves. Well done everyone. All that hard work has really paid off. :):):):)

10/13/2013 9:21pm

Zach did all the work, he's awesome


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